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Welcome to redtech. Here you will find lots of info for mapping and modding Red Faction and RED Editor. There is a little bit of 3D Studio Max stuff getting around aswell. Hope you find what you are looking for.

More Cool Effects with Particle Emitters
Two more tutorials, both on Particle Emitters. Goober shows us how to make an Emitter look like a force field and Sir Lotsa has unveiled a cool trick with how to get what would be a hard to create brush by putting a picture onto a particle emitter.

Realistic Explosions and Transparency for PSP
The first round of long awaited tutorials are up. Thank you very much Assman for insightful tutorials into more realistic explosions and how to get transparency from Paint Shop Pro. More tutorials coming soon.

They're Back
Hello everyone. Sorry about the inactivity over the past few months. I have been very busy with things other than RED and RF. Some of you will be pleased to know that the redtech forums are back online and some of you will be even more pleased to know that I am on the hunt for forum moderators. :D If you are a sucker for punishment then feel free to me with your submission for forum moderation.

Everyone who has submitted a tutorial, either by mail or the forums, expect to see it up within the next week or two. Again, sorry about the delay, and thanks for your time with helping keep this site and the mapping/modding communities alive.

Plasma Beams, Rocket Flares, Bunsen Burners, Black Holes and Warp Lights
Yes that's right! Another really informative lighting tutorial from reaper_47 showing you how to get some great effects from particle emitters. A wonderful new effect for all to try.

Fake Volumetric Lighting using Particle Emitters

Weapons Modelling
Great news! redtech now hosts it's own weapons modelling tutorial. Thanks ExoStatic for a great insight into how to use Max to model a Glock. A must read for all!

Weapon Modelling and Skinning

Moving Brushes With Transparent Textures
Three new tutorials for you today. Two great tutorials submitted by Goober who happened to stumble across how to move a brush with a transparent texture. What a find, great work.

Moving Brushes with Transparent Textures.
Moving Brushes with Transparent VBM.

There is also a new tutorial for those of you who cannot grasp the concepts outlined in Volition's MakeVBM readme. Ranswer3 approaches the MakeVBM method using a bat file.

Make VBM

New Links Added
Have updated the links pages for you all. :) See the latest additions here.

Looks like the latest poll is already developing a trend toward some more SP tutorials. I guess the next poll will be what sort of SP tutorials would you like. See the progressive results of the poll here.

I expect to recieve some new tutorials for you all very soon ... stay tuned.

Big Tutorial Update!
Some great member tutorial contributions have been made over the past couple of weeks. Tutorials by RF Grim Reaper, Assman and Gr3atWhite with their different takes on how to build stairs in Brush mode. Exostatic has written a Sound Compression tutorial and Ninja has taken the time to explain how to use water and it's properties. Assman also made a few revalations in regard to dynamic lighting and how to configure it for your maps. Thanks guys!! They are all top quality tutorials. If you are having some difficulty with the new tutorials most of them have a support topic in the forums. :)

Here's some links:

Brush Mode - Gr3atWhite
Face Mode - RF Grim Reaper
Vertex Mode - Assman
Sound Compression for RED - Exostatic
Realistic Water - Ninja
Dynamic Lighting - Assman

New Look redtech!
Hey! redtech has been redesigned. Hope you likes it. :D

Red Faction mapping and modding tutorials for the Red Faction level editor: RED editor. Mapping resources - textures, objects and skyboxes. Applications for editing, viewing and launching the Red Faction vpp, plugins for 3D Studio Max, bug fixes and official Volition help files.